Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ninja Gaiden 3 adding 'Ultimate Ninja' difficulty in April

Ryu Hayabusa might be a total stud, but that doesn't Ninja Gaiden fans were entirely happy with Ninja Gaiden 3's overall lower difficulty.  After all, i's not a real Ninja Gaiden game unless you've died at least 22 times within a span of 10 minutes to ninja dogs (or something). 
Well, Tecmo and Team NINJA apparently agree, because come April 24, they're putting out an "Ultimate Ninja" difficulty for free.  Maybe this will cool some of the complaints.  There is a catch, however; the Ultimate Ninja setting will only be free for the first month after it's out.
I'll tell you what's not free: Ninja Pack 1.  The newly released DLC pack is available today on PSN and Xbox LIVE for $10, which buys a number of customization items and some Ninja Trials packs.  If you'd rather stick with freebies, an update for both console versions adds Falcon's Talons for use in the story, plus a new multiplayer stage and higher level cap.

Source: Neoseeker


  1. Ninja Gaiden is a freaking hard game!

  2. I'll probably never be able to beat it.

  3. Really? I thought it was hard enough as is....I guess I'm a nooblet....

  4. this game always gives me a hard ass time!! i dont think i'll be playing ultimate ninja anytime soon

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