Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Halo 4 lands first week of November, Rooster Teeth makes the announcement

You know what's great about November?  So many things, if you're in the United States.  It's the month of Thanksgiving, voting, and Halo 4.  This year, the latter two happen to land on the same day: November 6.  If you're not a U.S. resident, just disregard everything except the Halo part.
Two very special Red vs. Blue video break the big news, and knowing Rooster Teeth, amusement is to be expected.  Hey, wouldn't you take a week off work to play Halo  vote for the next president?  It's your duty as a patriot, and Sarge approves completely.
In "Remember to Not Forget," the Reds discuss ways of remembering November 6, none of which are practical.  A special U.S. version, "Save the Date," can be found a little further down and contains more voting jokes.


  1. hmmm probably wont get! ill be playing GTA V for the next millenium

  2. This is... Sooner than expected.

  3. I love November, great month for games and food. Great news.