Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rock Band mobile game no longer playable May 31, still for sale without disclaimer

EDIT: The game is no longer facing termination
EA has caught the Internet's rage yet again, this time for Rock Band iOS, a game that will soon be discontinued but is still being sold without any such disclaimers. 
Rock Band can still be purchased from the App Store for $4.99, but game owners are being shown a pop-up message in the app warning them (kindly) that Rock Band iOS will no longer be playable at the end of May.  Needless to say, some folks are rather angry about the whole thing, and the product page is receiving a steadily increasing number of negative reviews directed mostly at publisher EA. 
Note the reviews shown might vary depending on what device you're using.  Below is the in-app warning and a sample of reviews taken off an iPhone:

Co-developed by EA Montreal and Harmonix, Rock Band iOS was released in 2009, published by EA and MTV Games.  Though the Rock Band brand now belongs to Harmonix, publishing is still handled by Electronic Arts.
Harmonix brand manager John Drake recently clarified via Twitter:
To those asking:  doesn't publish Rock Band on iOS. Working to better understand what's up ASAP. Sorry we don't have more info yet.
Many thanks to tekmosis and Invidia for the tips.

SOURCE: Neoseeker


  1. Such a shame that they are still selling it

  2. Companys are always buying eachother

  3. I haven't played Rock Band mobile before, but this is bad news.

  4. EA have sorted this now, the game will be playable.