Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jet Set Radio coming to Vita

Sega isn't just bringing back its classic rollerblading graffiti game Jet Set Radio to PC and consoles soon, but also Sony's handheld.
Come summertime, you'll be able to play the title on Vita, complete with HD upgrades, touch and camera support, and at least some of the original soundtrack.
“The fan reaction to our recent reveal of Jet Set Radio has been incredible!” said Haruki Satomi, Senior Vice President of Digital Business at SEGA. “As Jet Set Radio is focused on creativity, the touch capabilities of the PlayStation VITA are proving to be a perfect fit.”


  1. I love my old PSP1000, don't think I'm going to upgrade to a Vita after all the customizing I've done to my old one. Still looks like it might be a fun game.

  2. The visuals look very oldschool, I like it!

  3. Thoe glorious and wonderful Mr. TJune 5, 2012 at 9:52 PM

    I pity the fool who thinks that girly vita is cool. Manly VITAmens now thats where its at.