Thursday, March 29, 2012

Street Fighter producer temporarily steps down following health concerns

There's little doubt that Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono has been passionate about restoring glory for his company's fighting games, and it's largely through his efforts that franchises like Street Fighter have become a mainstream brand for Capcom once again.  Unfortunately, one of Capcom's Street Fighter staffer blogs late last week confirmed Ono has been hospitalized for what was described as a deteriorating physical condition.
Ono has since been released from the hospital and returned to communicating with fans through tweeting, but only to reiterate the that he will not be able to resume his duties as producer at Capcom "for a while."  While he further notes that Capcom will be meeting to select an interim replacement for his position, Ono promises to return to the limelight once he recuperates.
Hopefully exhaustion is all he is suffering from, as Ono most recently tweeted that "Physical health is of paramount importance. Let's try to improve healthcare."

Source: Neoseeker

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