Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shoot Many Robots hits PC in April, pre-order for Valve goodies

Shoot Many Robots hit consoles earlier this month, and now the game is making its way to PC by way of Steam.  Set for PC debut on April 6 (next Friday), pre-orders also began today, and "reserving" the game early will net you a few Valve-themed in-game goods.
Pre-ordering Shoot Many Robots before launch will unlock the following bonuses:
  • Steam Four Pack - Buy three, get one free
  • Gear that lets you "kick butt as Gordon Freeman"
  • Portal turrets will replace some enemies
  • Chopper Bot for Team Fortress 2 - backpack for Pyro and Medic classes
The PC version is currently being handled by Demiurge Studios, the same team who worked on Mass Effect PC.  Shoot Many Robot PC promises lovelier graphics -- up to 2560 x 1600 resolution and 60 fps -- optimized controls and interfaces, fully integrated Steam matching, Facebook matchmaking, voice chat, and Achievements.

Source: Neoseeker