Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Skyrim: Hearthfire DLC finally arrives for PSN, just a few days after Dragonborn

In case you were really itching to build homes and adopt some kids
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Bethesda is keeping with the PS3 release schedule, and today, Skyrim: Hearthfire makes its way to PSN.
The add-ons are coming each Tuesday, and began with Dragonborn last week, on February 12. Next Tuesday, February 26, will see the arrival of DawnguardSkyrim's vampire-tastic DLC.
All of the aforementioned stuff was released first to Xbox 360, then PC. And now PS3 is finally catching up. As though to apologize for how long it all took -- and how broken the game has been on Sony's console -- Bethesda's also marking down each of the DLC packs for a week after they're released. Hey, can't ever complain about a 50% discount.
Hearthfire basically allows the Dragonborn to custom-build their own homes at select locations across Skyrim. Inside, you can pick and choose furniture, install a trophy room, and create a home for your spouse and child. Yes, you can adopt in Hearthfire. Good times.

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