Thursday, February 21, 2013

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn's closed beta starts February 25, trailer and screenshots to celebrate

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Square Enix revealed early this morning in a Q&A with the community that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Rebornwould be entering closed beta starting February 25 -- next Monday. Only a select number of the most loyal of fanswill be allowed into this early stage of the beta. For everyone else, Square Enix made available a benchmark that shows off the game in all of its new, glorious splendor.
The closed beta will offer players their first look into the remade Final Fantasy XIV, as well as giving fans their first shot at trying out the new FATE system. FATE, or Full Active Time Events are dynamic scenarios where a group of monsters, a boss, or some sort of a event can spawn at random. All players in the zone are notified of the event and all who participate will gain a reward.
While you're downloading the new benchmark, check out the newly released Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborntrailer, titled "Exploration". It's mostly footage taken from the benchmark, but if you're curious as to how the new combat systems work, or just what the new world looks like in general, this is what you're looking for. We also have new screenshots of each of the playable races (of both sexes) available in A Realm Reborn.
Keep in mind this is all PC related, as any news on the PlayStation version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Rebornwill likely come at the end of the PC beta after the game has relaunched.

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